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44. Episode - Culture change - How to improve employee retention and keep high-performers in your team?

July 12, 2022

Welcome to our next episode: How to improve employee retention and keep high-performers in your team?

Thank you for joining me today.

Today's competitive advantage doesn’t go to the company with the best widgets. It goes to the organisation with high organisational health that can reinvent itself and defend itself from attackers - wherever they may come from- better than anyone else. (Colin Price Business consultant)

We are only recently facing exponential growth challenges and also another big challenge such as employee and customer retention issues. 

We are in really challenging times and more we understand it is not all about processes and structures in the first place but also about learning and integrating new skills like:

  • Understanding and mastering organisational social patterns
  • Creating a high level of mental state and agility
  • Focusing on improving the level of organisational health
  • Understand neuroscience and how the brain works and utilising it to drive high-performance and wellbeing
  • Turning from individualism to collective effort and collaboration by understanding individuals and team dynamics

A healthy business is one in which people feel confident, where there are fewer political decisions and greater collaborative effort, where conflict is used as a tool for continuous improvement, and where individuals can find and use techniques to overcome human limitations when facing constant change (E. R. Buhler: Leading exponential change)

Now where to start?

I put together a few steps:

1. Create a clear vision of what your great team culture should look like, and what you feel, see and experience. How the interaction is happening and what values do you want to see to be demonstrated.

2. Observe and describe how it looks right now. What behaviours and values are demonstrated?

3. Decide what is the #1 issue (behaviour, habit) you would like to change and what is the habit that causes the damage to your culture.

4. Have this conversation with your team, take them for lunch and talk about the culture they wish to create.

5. Start with one habit change or one behaviour change. Decided which behaviour you will replace with a new behaviour that serves great culture.

If you are prepared to create a change and would like to talk about this topic please follow the link below to book a session

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Wish you all the best on your leadership journey






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