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47. Episode - Leadership - How to change behaviours and unproductive routines

August 13, 2022

Hello and welcome to my new episode.

Today session is more practical. We are not highlighting leadership as a problem but leadership as a solution. Learn how to change, how to help others to change and how to recognise triggers of unwanted behaviours or action. We are using a micro-habits tactic as a culture change tactic because this can be implemented in any organisation or team without trying to change the whole structure and systems. This is a great tactic for a change especially in environment with a low mental agility and psychological safety. 

Behavioural change can start only when we understand the process and especially trigger.

A micro-habit is a small action that requires minimal effort or motivation to complete. The accumulation of
micro-habits can have an important positive impact. It’s repeated over and over during the course of a day or week. It ́s a fundamental “technique” to make a change plan become exponential.
The beauty of a micro-habit is that you can make a huge impact without large amounts of energy, major plans,
or coordination. This is because of a psychological phenomenon known as the behavioural impulse or trigger.

Behaviour: The way in which person act and respond to a particular situation or stimulus (thought). 

Let's have a look how we can change:

1. Understanding TRIGGER first. What was the thought before the unwanted behaviour was produced?

2. Routine - what is the behaviour what happens when we are triggered? Is that resourceful and sustainable behaviour or not?

3. Reward - what is the reward, the feeling we are getting when we produce unwanted behaviour?

4. Please add CELEBRATION as a fourth step when you consciously improving this cycle of behaviours. Celebrate when you change your trigger and routine. Celebrate new behaviour and result. Acknowledge yourself or others.

Have fun

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