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48. Episode - How to improve employees engagement in three simple steps

August 25, 2022

Welcome all,

I believe same as I, you will find this topic very important.

I can only give you a few tips in this short time but hopefully you will be able to try at least one of those steps.

Why engagement is so important?

Engaged employee leads to long term employee retention, higher performance, organisational health, improved people's well-being and quality of work, and of course customer satisfaction and organisational success.

Why then we don't focus on the engagement that much?

 Because the engagement is still not perceive as a major objective for the company success and results. Even though it is so clear and also researched and proved that engagement has direct impact on performance and results.

The second issue why leaders and managers are not focusing on this objective is, they don't know how, they don't understand human behaviours, energy and thinking patterns in depth, they have no idea how to measure an interaction and are not sure what and how this can be improved to directly benefit the result.

Anyway, now when you know please check those 3 simple steps you can start with and see what changes you can notice when you focus on values, communication and intention.

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Speak soon

Alex Terrey 


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