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54. Episode - Trust and Engagement#engagement #collaboration #trust

October 26, 2022

I decided to continue on our last week topic about engagement and how to motivate people.

All what I would like to say is, it all starts with you.

It starts with a leader and their confidence and inner trust. Trust and authentic leadership starts from within.

In the workplace, people can't do their best work if they doubt their leaders, themselves, or others' intentions or capabilities, the direction or viability of the organisation.

Most importantly, if they doubt their own ability to keep up with the demands placed on them or they doubt their importance and contribution it can have massive impact on their behaviour and performance.

The old approach of leadership doesn't work anymore and from long-term perspective it is not going to sustain growth and innovation. 

The new approach of leadership especially in a space of engagement and motivation is coming from understanding others and understanding their thinking and behaviours on a deeper level.

Where do we start when we want to build this level of understanding?

With ourselves.

Enjoy this session


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