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56. Episode #leadership - Focus on more being less doing

56. Episode #leadership - Focus on more being less doing

December 1, 2022

I am always very excited when I have the opportunity to speak about being and coming back to our tru self. 

We developed identities and masks we think are serving us but later on in life, we realise they actually not serving us and they do actually the opposite. 

To live by expectations of others and live by the program we created sometime in the past could create a lot of mixed feelings and unfulfillment.

We can feel loneliness, anger, frustrations and feeling lost or sometime even paralysed.

When we start to look deeper into those feelings we realise it was all created in our mind. The way we decided to think and the way we decided to be perceived shaped our inner world and our behaviours.

As a leader or business owner we need to start our own journey of self-discovery and awareness and understand why we do what we do. Understanding who we truly are when we are not a parent, a boss, an owner, a founder, a mentor or a wife or a husband will change the way you experience the world.

When you become that pure expression of yourself and come back to joyful and loving "you" again you realise that it's so easy to inspire people, motivate them or positively impact other people lives and careers.

Being "authentic you" will help you to feel more confident and calm. Being and feeling calm will help you to lead people the way they feel more understood, heard and seen and also happier and inspired.

Understanding yourself and others is the key to success.

I am so grateful for this podcast and conversation with Suhani Vaidya on this topic.

Please reach out and share your experience with us.

With love

Alex Terrey

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55. Episode - The way you do small things is the way you do all things #leadership #connection

55. Episode - The way you do small things is the way you do all things #leadership #connection

November 9, 2022

Leadership is influence.

We are all influencing people around us at every moment. We all are influencer without even thinking about that.

Do you feel the massive responsibility of leadership and how important is to be a leader and great human being all the time? How important is to focus on your behaviour and emotional state that is going to be a positive example for all around you?

Can you create a little smile on your face when see someone around?

Can you call someone or write a comment about their strengths and acknowledge them for things you love about them?

Can we bring more love and attention to each other at this moment and forward?

I am so excited to see and feel more love my friends.

We all need love and connection. That is our core human need.

Enjoy your day



54. Episode - Trust and Engagement#engagement #collaboration #trust

54. Episode - Trust and Engagement#engagement #collaboration #trust

October 26, 2022

I decided to continue on our last week topic about engagement and how to motivate people.

All what I would like to say is, it all starts with you.

It starts with a leader and their confidence and inner trust. Trust and authentic leadership starts from within.

In the workplace, people can't do their best work if they doubt their leaders, themselves, or others' intentions or capabilities, the direction or viability of the organisation.

Most importantly, if they doubt their own ability to keep up with the demands placed on them or they doubt their importance and contribution it can have massive impact on their behaviour and performance.

The old approach of leadership doesn't work anymore and from long-term perspective it is not going to sustain growth and innovation. 

The new approach of leadership especially in a space of engagement and motivation is coming from understanding others and understanding their thinking and behaviours on a deeper level.

Where do we start when we want to build this level of understanding?

With ourselves.

Enjoy this session


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53. Episode -Leadership and how to approach and think about disengagement #thinking

53. Episode -Leadership and how to approach and think about disengagement #thinking

October 20, 2022

Thank you for tuning into our new episode.

Today I would like to share the topic of "disengagement" from my perspective and experience as an employee.

We know the trend of disengagement is increasing and we can find thousands of articles and research about millions of people who are not going above and beyond at work and just meeting their job description and it could get worse. This is a problem because most jobs today require some level of extra effort to collaborate with coworkers and meet team and customer needs.

I am talking about new level of leadership moving from "doing, controlling, commanding or tasking" to inspiring, trusting, and influencing positive way. This change and hunger for the great high-performing culture requires shifting in leadership skills focusing on mindset shift, thinking, feeling and behaving in alignment with psychological safety and mental agility.

Create a great culture requires real deep people and social skills. Understanding people is the key to success. How to understand people better? Ask them the right questions, learn active listening to get into their mind and patterns with presence and good intention.


Alex Terrey

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52. Episode - Overwhelm and our thinking

52. Episode - Overwhelm and our thinking

October 20, 2022

Thank you for being here and listening.

This episode is dedicated to my two clients they feel too many times a day overwhelmed.

Overwhelm can be present from various reasons. Usually the reason to feel overwhelm is if it's just too much for us.

What I mean by that?

- we are trying to chew too many things in once,

- we are experience very high workload

- we are too worried about things or

- we are trying to eat the whole elephant in one bite

How we can stop or decrease the feeling of overwhelm?

First of all pause and breathe.

Think about what triggered your feeling of overwhelm. Is it that you have too many things to solve in once? Is it that you don't know what is the next step or you don't know how to do something?

The first step to get out of it is to pause and breathe but what next?


Think about one and most important question. "What is that one thing I can do, right now, smallest step I can do. The step that will move me forward? 

The small step can be one phone call, ask for help, one email or one short walk. Whatever your goal is the small steps ad moving forward is the key to success.


Alex Terrey

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51. Episode - Gratitude. Live better life and #leadership

51. Episode - Gratitude. Live better life and #leadership

October 7, 2022

Welcome to my new episode.

Today, I would love to express love to everyone who attended any of my speaking events past two months.

Today I would love to express love to all people around me and people I work with.

I am deeply touched by all souls and grateful for all of you. I learned a lot from everyone I met and everyone who shared their perception and their experience.

Thank you for your willingness to share and connect.

To all of us and to greater life.

With love



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50.Episode - How to become a high-level servant leader #leadership #motivate

50.Episode - How to become a high-level servant leader #leadership #motivate

September 24, 2022

Welcome everyone,

My favourite topic how to become more servant and move from egocentric to influential and inspirational leadership!

I shared a few things and I will probably just wrap up a few ideas.

Why to be a servant leader is so important? Well, it will help you to:

- improve performance and productivity

- reduce mental blocks and limits

- reduce stress levels and mental burnout

- improve time management, communication and confidence

Some insights to share:

Healthy brain, healthy thoughts = more resilient brain!

Understanding yourself = deeper understanding of others!

Shifting your paradigms = do and be more POTENTIAL for others!

Ability to be more sensitive to micro changes in human behaviours = creates more ethical and empathetic leadership!


Alex Terrey

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49. Episode - How to feel empowered and increase confidence - Perception change

49. Episode - How to feel empowered and increase confidence - Perception change

September 9, 2022

Welcome all,

Wow what a topic. I love to talk about our perception and how we create our reality. What a topic and what a tool to have to navigate our life, career and emotional rollercoaster as a leader or business owner.  If you understand the fact that we are fabricating our reality on daily basis and also understand that everyone else does it too, then you will start to see the world and situations from new level of perspective and to see and respond to your emotions from higher level of intelligence.

Great daily exercise: when you start to feel any anger, frustrations or negative emotions in your body, ask yourself: "What is my story?" "Is that even true?" 

If you get an answer and see how you created your perception about the situation let it go and create a new thought. Positive one. Thought that serves you and your health.


Alex Terrey



48. Episode - How to improve employees engagement in three simple steps

48. Episode - How to improve employees engagement in three simple steps

August 25, 2022

Welcome all,

I believe same as I, you will find this topic very important.

I can only give you a few tips in this short time but hopefully you will be able to try at least one of those steps.

Why engagement is so important?

Engaged employee leads to long term employee retention, higher performance, organisational health, improved people's well-being and quality of work, and of course customer satisfaction and organisational success.

Why then we don't focus on the engagement that much?

 Because the engagement is still not perceive as a major objective for the company success and results. Even though it is so clear and also researched and proved that engagement has direct impact on performance and results.

The second issue why leaders and managers are not focusing on this objective is, they don't know how, they don't understand human behaviours, energy and thinking patterns in depth, they have no idea how to measure an interaction and are not sure what and how this can be improved to directly benefit the result.

Anyway, now when you know please check those 3 simple steps you can start with and see what changes you can notice when you focus on values, communication and intention.

If you would like to learn more, book a quick conversation with us to see if we can help you to become more influential  and innovative leader.

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Speak soon

Alex Terrey 


47. Episode - Leadership - How to change behaviours and unproductive routines

47. Episode - Leadership - How to change behaviours and unproductive routines

August 13, 2022

Hello and welcome to my new episode.

Today session is more practical. We are not highlighting leadership as a problem but leadership as a solution. Learn how to change, how to help others to change and how to recognise triggers of unwanted behaviours or action. We are using a micro-habits tactic as a culture change tactic because this can be implemented in any organisation or team without trying to change the whole structure and systems. This is a great tactic for a change especially in environment with a low mental agility and psychological safety. 

Behavioural change can start only when we understand the process and especially trigger.

A micro-habit is a small action that requires minimal effort or motivation to complete. The accumulation of
micro-habits can have an important positive impact. It’s repeated over and over during the course of a day or week. It ́s a fundamental “technique” to make a change plan become exponential.
The beauty of a micro-habit is that you can make a huge impact without large amounts of energy, major plans,
or coordination. This is because of a psychological phenomenon known as the behavioural impulse or trigger.

Behaviour: The way in which person act and respond to a particular situation or stimulus (thought). 

Let's have a look how we can change:

1. Understanding TRIGGER first. What was the thought before the unwanted behaviour was produced?

2. Routine - what is the behaviour what happens when we are triggered? Is that resourceful and sustainable behaviour or not?

3. Reward - what is the reward, the feeling we are getting when we produce unwanted behaviour?

4. Please add CELEBRATION as a fourth step when you consciously improving this cycle of behaviours. Celebrate when you change your trigger and routine. Celebrate new behaviour and result. Acknowledge yourself or others.

Have fun

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Alex Terrey MEc




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