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34.Episode - Small Business planning and Goal setting

34.Episode - Small Business planning and Goal setting

December 30, 2021

To make performance and goal setting discussions as productive as possible you should reflect on relevant data and issues for discussion.

You need to evaluate and understand what didn't work past 12, 6 or 3 months. Based on the evaluation you can make a decision about what distractions were stopping you, what habits were not serving you, what strategies didn't move you forward and what was keeping you stuck.

Make a list of top 20 achievements and progression points for the last year. Now, make a list of the top 5 to 10 strategies that worked and that didn't work or didn't bring you any progress. When I am talking about strategies that need to be evaluated are the strategies that should bring you revenue - sales, marketing, any business development strategies, offline and online marketing, lead gen strategy you use. Maybe some of those are distractions, some of those can be delegated, some of those you keep doing just because you did it in the past.

It may be useful to consider covering some additional issues, such as your motivations, personal vision, values, attitudes, habits and beliefs.

If you would like to ask questions or share your plan please email me at and download your goal setting blueprint below:




33. Episode - Evaluation of the year

33. Episode - Evaluation of the year

December 28, 2021

Hi everyone,

I hope you are having great fun and an amazing end of the year.

I thought a little reminder about evaluation would be pretty useful at this time of the year.

As I mentioned in my podcast, I am evaluating daily, weekly, monthly and annually.

Why is that?

I want to be sure I am on top of things and prepared to change strategies if they are not working.

Imagine you evaluate only once or twice a year? How long you will do the same thing again and again and not even realise that doesn't work the way you want.

Ahh, I hear you. Did you say it's waste of time? Or you don't think you need it?

Well, if you've already achieved your biggest financial goals without evaluation and planning, congratulations.

If you still are on the way to achieving your massive results, think about that this way.

"In order to get different results, you have to do things differently"

Evaluate and plan.

Ask yourself:

1. What are my top 10 achievements in the past few months?

2. What would I want to experience in my life if money is not limited?

3. How did I grow in the past 12 months?

4. What values I've been demonstrating on daily basis?

5. What values do I need to demonstrate in order to achieve what I want?

6. Did I achieve the annual goals?

7. What went well? What worked well?

8. What didn't?

Revisit all your strategies in a few categories like sales, marketing, prospecting, delivery or other categories such as health, finance, fun, relationships, hobbies, personal growth etc.

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32. Episode - Interview with Eleanor Chappell from Tex Perth

32. Episode - Interview with Eleanor Chappell from Tex Perth

November 30, 2021

Enjoy my new interview with Eleanor Chappell from Tex Perth.

Why should you listen?

Because we have real fun :-) and we talk about another great business journey that I hope will inspire you :-) and keep you motivated.

Eleanor Chappell is a Founder and CEO of The Entrepreneur Experience (TEX) which provides self-care events and experiences, health & wellness activities, as well as social engagements for Perth entrepreneurs and corporate leaders.

Eleanor is also an Entrepreneurial Mindset Practitioner whereby she supports and mentors business owners and corporates, to understand their entrepreneurial traits across 14 personality and skills scales, via a cutting-edge Entrepreneurial Mindset Profiling tool.

Eleanor’s background is a decade in Emergency Service, serving as a front-line Police Officer in England and Western Australia. In Western Australia Eleanor served as a front-line Sergeant in charge of a small team in Fremantle before being appointed as the Events Sergeant for the South Metropolitan District, managing high-risk events and operations across 10 Police Stations and 600 Police Officers.

During Eleanor’s time in the Police Force, a strong focus was on personal and professional development in terms of leadership; not only herself but that of her team. This is where Eleanor’s awareness of emotional intelligence for leadership grew and was nurtured.

Eleanor holds certifications in travel and hospitality and in 2021 became accredited as a Mental Health First Aider; an area Eleanor feels strongly about and is one of the reasons TEX products and services exist. 

Eleanor is a keen sportsperson and very much enjoys team sports. Eleanor plays Volleyball, swims with Westcoast Masters and has a strong history and connection to martial arts.

If you would like to connect with her please follow her on social media or find her website:

If you would like to know more about our CEO Leadership Retreat, please 

contact me or Eleanor on:

0431 473 660



31. Episode - Interview with Oliver Wood, Founder of the Meta Project

31. Episode - Interview with Oliver Wood, Founder of the Meta Project

October 4, 2021

Welcome to my new episode of the Airborne Entrepreneur Podcast.

Interview with Oliver Wood, Founder of the Meta Project from New Zealand.

As the Founder of The Meta Project, Olly Wood is known for his ability to see the big picture. Rather than simply encouraging high-performers to do
more and work harder, Olly has worked with world-leading experts in exercise, nutrition, biochemistry, and coaching, such as Brian Walsh, The Poliquin Group, Kassem Hanson, Ben Pukulski, Linh Trinh, and Cliff Harvey, among others, to develop a more holistic, scientific, and sustainable approach to health and performance.
Olly came from a small town in NZ and was brought up on homegrown real food. As he grew up and saw how the food industry changed, he realised how many issues were brought back to the lack of nutritional focus and how much food alone can rebuild the body and health. Olly got his start in the trenches of the health world as a PT in a big box gym.
After 7 years of working with primarily high-performing business owners, he saw the extent to which stress, inflammation, and a lack of focus on
recovery was ruining any progress they were making. Olly refocuses his Peak Performers on the power of nutrition alongside his team of experts in areas of mental health, nutrition, biochemistry & training with a guiding philosophy that you can only push as hard as you recover. Olly's goal is to help professionals in the pursuit of growth and improvement, to make
sure they don’t leave their bodies and energy behind, and this framework can change the way people fuel and nourish their bodies for good.

Enjoy our conversation and feel free to ask questions or contact us directly here:


Enjoy :-)





30.Episode - Interview with Sharon Gleeson, Health Coach

30.Episode - Interview with Sharon Gleeson, Health Coach

August 23, 2021

Airborne Entrepreneur Podcast - Interview with Sharon Gleeson, #healthcoach

Sharon is passionate about helping people live healthier lives – inside and out!

As a mum to two gorgeous, very busy girls and having juggled the corporate career, she understands the difficulty of finding time to exercise, prepare healthy meals and generally live a healthy, well-balanced life.

She has spent most of her life helping people manage change and improve their personal effectiveness in the corporate world and now get to combine that with her passion for health and wellness.

Sharon: "As a Health Coach I’m on a mission to educate as many people as possible about what they’re putting on and in their body, as the health of one affects the health of another. Our energy levels, moods, skin health, body shape and more, are all determined by what we put in and on our bodies – so good nutrition and using toxic-free products is vital for healthy, happy lives!"

What does she do?

- She works with you to understand your health goals and help create sustainable lifestyle changes that fit around what is important to you

- Regularly speak and present at events working in partnership with other professionals with a goal to help people learn how to live healthier

- Help you create a toxic-free lifestyle to support better health

- Coach and mentor others to build their own online health business

When she is not "working",

She loves keeping fit (swimming, personal training and running), enjoys cooking, loves the beach and spending time with family and friends and her key to success...invest in personal development and lifelong learning!

You can find Sharon on

If you would like to know more about leadership and work-life balance contact us on:


29. Episode - Interview with Imogen van Haagen, the founder of 20Fit Australia

29. Episode - Interview with Imogen van Haagen, the founder of 20Fit Australia

July 30, 2021

Airborne Entrepreneur Podcast - Interview with Imogen van Haagen from 20 Fit Australia 20FIT

Training is one-on-one Personal Training combined with full-body Electro Muscle Stimulation.

The workout is only 20-Minutes and equivalent to hours of Strength Endurance training in the gym. This 20-Minute workout is revolutionary to the fitness industry and will blow your mind when it comes to keeping fit! With 20FIT training, you’ll train 90% of muscles simultaneously for the entire period of 20-Minutes!

Whilst your muscles are Electronically Stimulated your Personal Trainers will guide you through static and dynamic movements to target different muscle groups.

Meet Imogen, the owner of 20Fit Australia. :-) or find more about her and 20Fit here:




28. Episode - Building the right website for your business with Brandi Bernoskie

28. Episode - Building the right website for your business with Brandi Bernoskie

July 27, 2021

Thank you for tuning into my podcast and welcome my special guest Brandi Bernoskie.

Brandi is a digital strategist, website developer, and founder of Alchemy+Aim and North Star Sites, companies that help entrepreneurs and business owners elevate their online presence, enhance their digital experience, and embrace their authentic online selves -- what she calls their fifth dimensionality, or the extension of their selves into the digital world. She is an advocate for using technology in ways that humanize, connect and serve people as well as for asking deeper philosophical questions and teaching others to think more broadly about impact when they create, particularly in STEAM fields.

Brandi’s academic background in theatre, philosophy, and physics was the perfect foundation for launching her business, where her team has worked with thought leaders like Brené Brown, Laverne Cox, Judy Smith, Kate Northrup, and Alexandra Carter as well as other notable changemakers since 2013.

Brandi is a natural connector and business matchmaker, who is always working to help others step into their genius work and leverage the expertise of those around them to achieve new levels of success and community along the way.

You can reach her on Insta @alchemyandaim


Please don't hesitate to contact me at

or book the session on:


With love


27. Episode - Conscious Leadership - how can leaders build a culture that thrives

27. Episode - Conscious Leadership - how can leaders build a culture that thrives

June 19, 2021

Conscious leadership and great culture. 

A lot of leaders don't even have an idea what leadership style they have, what behaviours are cultivating a great culture, and what type of thinking and attitude is creating a thriving and high-performance culture.

Why is that important?

Understand where to start and how to become a conscious leader will enable you to create a lot of positive changes in your organisation and within your team

To focus on self-awareness, extreme ownership and on setting up an environment as a foundation for cultivating a great culture are a few most important steps to take to win with your team.


But what are some of the benefits to have a high-performance culture?

- increased engagement in your team

- increased employee satisfaction

- increased customer satisfaction

- increase productivity and efficiency

- increased performance

- increased revenue and results


Looking forward to talking about this in a few episodes.

Enjoy and please submit your questions on:


26. Episode - Airborne Entrepreneur - Interview with Alicia Ann Wade

26. Episode - Airborne Entrepreneur - Interview with Alicia Ann Wade

May 21, 2021

I've met Alicia at The Coaching Institute where we have studied together and I also had a chance to work alongside her.

Her background includes 20 years in childhood education working with multi-million dollar businesses. She worked her way up to operations so she understands structures, goal setting, and benchmarks. Most valuable of all, she understands people. Aside from business, fitness, and coaching qualifications, she is a former educator of the year with skills in action taking, finishing what she starts, and being a non-judgemental leader. Her clients are often high achievers who are at burnout. She teaches them to slow down with self-care and habits before they speed up again. She is mad about community and charity work, running, and new experiences.

Her words: "If you work with me, you need to bring what transformed my life—consistency. I’ll tell you what I tell partners and friends: Be ready for some fun and keep up with me."

You can find her all over social media - Alicia Ann Wade

and also on

Please message me or email me with any questions regarding podcast, interviews, or leadership training


25. Episode - Interview with Dr John Demartini

25. Episode - Interview with Dr John Demartini

April 30, 2021

Airborne Entrepreneur Podcast - Interview with Dr. John Demartini.

My absolute pleasure to have Dr. Demartini with me.

I have got emotional a few times because Dr. Demartini is the author I admire and I studied for a few years. He has helped me to understand and experienced breakthroughs in my life and career.

How to stay in the present moment and understand how to stay connected and how to experience life. I do a lot of values elicitation work with my clients because I realized that values elicitation is the most powerful tool to create change and breakthroughs in life or career for my clients.

I've learned from Dr. Demartini and TCI. Dr. John Demartini shares the wisdom he’s synthesized from 1000s of years of knowledge from theologians, philosophers, Nobel prize laureates, and other great minds in science, business, finance, and health. Stand on the shoulders of giants and implement this great wisdom in order to gain the ultimate advantage in all 7 areas of your life.

He has studied the principles of human behavior as it relates to self-empowerment for over 48 years and he shares that there is no more important topic than VALUES if you want to unlock your greatest power and potential.

When you know what you truly value, what's most important to you, you have a key in your hands to your greatest empowerment, leadership, abundance, and fulfillment. Knowing your values is key to your most authentic, original, and empowered life.

You can find Dr. Demartini on:

Thank you for a great time and tips.


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