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40. Episode - Leadership & Business - How to increase your business results and performance

40. Episode - Leadership & Business - How to increase your business results and performance

April 6, 2022

Thank you for tuning into my podcast.

In this episode, I am talking about three major aspects of high-performance and how to improve your business results.

There are three major pillars to be mastered:

1. Mindset

2. Process and structure

3. Communication aka essential skills


Enjoy your listening and take your business to the next level.


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39.Episode - Emotional mastery and healthy boundaries. Conversation with Lorraine Donachie

39.Episode - Emotional mastery and healthy boundaries. Conversation with Lorraine Donachie

March 21, 2022

Welcome to my new episode of the Airborne Entrepreneur podcast.

Today we talk about a lot of topics from the space of personal development, self-awareness, beliefs, boundaries and self-mastery itself.

Lorraine is someone I observed while she was coaching and I am so happy I had the privilege to be at her sessions at the practicums. I learned so much about her style and I really like what she does in the space of transformation and asking the right questions.

Lorraine's VISION is to build a better world where people can be exactly who they are.

Lorraine brings to her coaching business 20 years experience from high performance and community sport in the UK and Australia, where she has held roles from General Manager to Consultant, Business Advisor/Mentor, Director, Volunteer, Trainer/Facilitator and Coach.

A pioneer of change, Lorraine's expertise now centres on leadership personal development using the latest techniques in building emotional fitness. Lorraine has a passion for understanding human behaviour; how our mindset helps us excel or hide in life and more importantly how to change what no longer works for us.

Leading her own success, Lorraine founded 17 COACHING to get faster, more impactful results for her clients. Through helping others Lorraine has uncovered a stronger connection to her own purpose of how to embrace your difference and be the change needed in the world.







38. Episode - Leadership - Self-control and its impact on our success.

38. Episode - Leadership - Self-control and its impact on our success.

March 7, 2022

Thank you for tuning into my podcast today.

I believe you will enjoy another great topic about ourselves and how we can better manage ourselves.

Today’s topic came up a few times from my work with my clients and conversations with fellow coaches. We talked about self-management, self-regulation or self-control on a daily basis.

Especially now, a lot of business owners and leaders are complaining about being busy all the time. All I hear is “I am busy,” "I am too busy to change because when Monday hits we are already in old habits and working the same way as last week and it is the same cycle, on and on and on, all the time."


Now, if this is you, I will pause you here and ask you to take a deep breath.


Being busy is a choice! It is our responsibility!

Our choice of life. And if you say no that’s not true. I would ask you then, why are you still busy?

Why didn't you stop or pause for a moment and you didn’t re-evaluate what is your priority and what is that you actually do? What is that you do right now costing you in the future? Do you know what future pain you are causing yourself?

You are choosing your life, you are choosing your future pain or maybe you let someone else decide what would be your pain and suffering in the future.

Ok, let’s start from the beginning.

Self-control or self-regulation is one of the leadership skills to build and master.

If you want to be successful in your business, or create amazing relationships and friendships you must master self-control.


Self-control is the ability to regulate and alter your responses in order to avoid negative behaviours or increase some positive and resourceful behaviours to achieve long-term goals. Research has shown that possessing self-control can be important for health and well-being.

A person who has self-control doesn't get distracted easily.

This enables them to manage their time and resources better. They tend to make sustained efforts toward their goals, which are more likely to result in success.


Enjoy your listening


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37. Episode - Leadership and Culture - Interview with PK Savy

37. Episode - Leadership and Culture - Interview with PK Savy

February 27, 2022

Welcome to my new and very special episode with my coach, my colleague and dear friend PK Savy.

I didn't just invite him here because of his experience in business, leadership and sales. I also invited him because of his endless kindness and willingness to help others. 

Because of our relationships and his massive impact on my coaching journey. 

PK is a winner of the ICG Leadership Coach of the year Award 2021 and a nominee for leadership and business coach in 2019. 

We have a very similar motto: "For things to change you have to change."

He loves to work with leaders and teams and what attracts me to work with him is something we have in common, the passion for human behaviour and thinking. PK has developed his skill and knowledge from the frontline of Telesales, Call centre Management, B2B sales, training and developing thousands of sales reps. PK has described himself as a lifelong learner working toward an elite level learner with the sole ambition to help him serve his clients to become more focused, more functional, happier and even successful.

Enjoy our conversation about leadership and culture. PK is introducing a Critical Alignment Model by Remi Pearson we both utilise for transformation and culture change.

You can find him on:



Alex Terrey



36. Episode - Invest in Crypto? - Interview with Brandon from Orange Brick Road

36. Episode - Invest in Crypto? - Interview with Brandon from Orange Brick Road

February 20, 2022

Airborne Entrepreneur Podcast - Interview with Brandon from Orange Brick Road

Brandon is the manager and CEO of Orange Brick Road. He's been investing in crypto since early 2017. He has learned a lot along the way and made plenty of mistakes. About 3 years ago he started teaching friends and family how to win in the crypto market. Once they began to see the returns the word spread quickly and teaching became his full-time job. He started Orange Brick Road to help and guide people into the market with personalised service, step by step, click here click there walk through instruction guidance and help.

From the very new “noob” and onwards.

If you need advice on investing, staking, wallets or anything crypto don't hesitate to give him a call or book a free 30-minute consultation.

His details:


Enjoy Alex


35. Episode - Leadership - How our thinking creates our reality - Beliefs

35. Episode - Leadership - How our thinking creates our reality - Beliefs

January 30, 2022

If you know me, you know what I usually talk about. If you attended my workshops and trainings, you know I always start with the topic “How our thinking creates our reality”

I believe this is the most important fact, to be able to change ourselves and create better results than we have created by now.

I can't highlight enough the importance of our thoughts and our thinking patterns. If we want to change we must change our thinking. 

Our thinking is neutral and our thoughts are neutral. We decide to add energy or/and value to them. We decide to assign truth to them.

And after that, our thoughts become our beliefs.

Beliefs create a cognitive lens through which we interpret events and the world.

You write the story of what you think is likely and possible based on what you believe is true and then you take actions and make choices consistent with those expectations. When you act on what you expect will happen before it actually happens, you participate in creating the experience and your reality. 

Based on your thoughts, you create beliefs and stories. Based on stories you are telling yourself you create emotions. Your thoughts directly impact your emotions. Emotions have a massive influence on your choices and decisions and therefore RESULTS.


It all starts in your head.

You are participating in creating your reality whether you know it or not. There is nothing magical, weird or woo-woo about it. 

It is simply the way our brains operate. 

When you deny, reject, or are unaware of this, then you have very little power over your life and results. You will feel like the victim of your life, we call it “at effect.” But with awareness comes choice. You can choose what beliefs serve you and what beliefs do not. You can choose what will help you to move forward and what will make you feel good and inspired.

When you start to understand the process and make it work for you, now you are empowered to be in charge of the life you create.



34.Episode - Small Business planning and Goal setting

34.Episode - Small Business planning and Goal setting

December 30, 2021

To make performance and goal setting discussions as productive as possible you should reflect on relevant data and issues for discussion.

You need to evaluate and understand what didn't work past 12, 6 or 3 months. Based on the evaluation you can make a decision about what distractions were stopping you, what habits were not serving you, what strategies didn't move you forward and what was keeping you stuck.

Make a list of top 20 achievements and progression points for the last year. Now, make a list of the top 5 to 10 strategies that worked and that didn't work or didn't bring you any progress. When I am talking about strategies that need to be evaluated are the strategies that should bring you revenue - sales, marketing, any business development strategies, offline and online marketing, lead gen strategy you use. Maybe some of those are distractions, some of those can be delegated, some of those you keep doing just because you did it in the past.

It may be useful to consider covering some additional issues, such as your motivations, personal vision, values, attitudes, habits and beliefs.

If you would like to ask questions or share your plan please email me at and download your goal setting blueprint below:




33. Episode - Business - Evaluation of the year

33. Episode - Business - Evaluation of the year

December 28, 2021

Hi everyone,

I hope you are having great fun and an amazing end of the year.

I thought a little reminder about evaluation would be pretty useful at this time of the year.

As I mentioned in my podcast, I am evaluating daily, weekly, monthly and annually.

Why is that?

I want to be sure I am on top of things and prepared to change strategies if they are not working.

Imagine you evaluate only once or twice a year? How long you will do the same thing again and again and not even realise that doesn't work the way you want.

Ahh, I hear you. Did you say it's waste of time? Or you don't think you need it?

Well, if you've already achieved your biggest financial goals without evaluation and planning, congratulations.

If you still are on the way to achieving your massive results, think about that this way.

"In order to get different results, you have to do things differently"

Evaluate and plan.

Ask yourself:

1. What are my top 10 achievements in the past few months?

2. What would I want to experience in my life if money is not limited?

3. How did I grow in the past 12 months?

4. What values I've been demonstrating on daily basis?

5. What values do I need to demonstrate in order to achieve what I want?

6. Did I achieve the annual goals?

7. What went well? What worked well?

8. What didn't?

Revisit all your strategies in a few categories like sales, marketing, prospecting, delivery or other categories such as health, finance, fun, relationships, hobbies, personal growth etc.

For the goal-setting blueprint go to:

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32. Episode - Interview with Eleanor Chappell from Tex Perth

32. Episode - Interview with Eleanor Chappell from Tex Perth

November 30, 2021

Enjoy my new interview with Eleanor Chappell from Tex Perth.

Why should you listen?

Because we have real fun :-) and we talk about another great business journey that I hope will inspire you :-) and keep you motivated.

Eleanor Chappell is a Founder and CEO of The Entrepreneur Experience (TEX) which provides self-care events and experiences, health & wellness activities, as well as social engagements for Perth entrepreneurs and corporate leaders.

Eleanor is also an Entrepreneurial Mindset Practitioner whereby she supports and mentors business owners and corporates, to understand their entrepreneurial traits across 14 personality and skills scales, via a cutting-edge Entrepreneurial Mindset Profiling tool.

Eleanor’s background is a decade in Emergency Service, serving as a front-line Police Officer in England and Western Australia. In Western Australia Eleanor served as a front-line Sergeant in charge of a small team in Fremantle before being appointed as the Events Sergeant for the South Metropolitan District, managing high-risk events and operations across 10 Police Stations and 600 Police Officers.

During Eleanor’s time in the Police Force, a strong focus was on personal and professional development in terms of leadership; not only herself but that of her team. This is where Eleanor’s awareness of emotional intelligence for leadership grew and was nurtured.

Eleanor holds certifications in travel and hospitality and in 2021 became accredited as a Mental Health First Aider; an area Eleanor feels strongly about and is one of the reasons TEX products and services exist. 

Eleanor is a keen sportsperson and very much enjoys team sports. Eleanor plays Volleyball, swims with Westcoast Masters and has a strong history and connection to martial arts.

If you would like to connect with her please follow her on social media or find her website:

If you would like to know more about our CEO Leadership Retreat, please 

contact me or Eleanor on:

0431 473 660



31. Episode - High-Performance - Interview with Oliver Wood, Founder of the Meta Project

31. Episode - High-Performance - Interview with Oliver Wood, Founder of the Meta Project

October 4, 2021

Welcome to my new episode of the Airborne Entrepreneur Podcast.

Interview with Oliver Wood, Founder of the Meta Project from New Zealand.

As the Founder of The Meta Project, Olly Wood is known for his ability to see the big picture. Rather than simply encouraging high-performers to do
more and work harder, Olly has worked with world-leading experts in exercise, nutrition, biochemistry, and coaching, such as Brian Walsh, The Poliquin Group, Kassem Hanson, Ben Pukulski, Linh Trinh, and Cliff Harvey, among others, to develop a more holistic, scientific, and sustainable approach to health and performance.
Olly came from a small town in NZ and was brought up on homegrown real food. As he grew up and saw how the food industry changed, he realised how many issues were brought back to the lack of nutritional focus and how much food alone can rebuild the body and health. Olly got his start in the trenches of the health world as a PT in a big box gym.
After 7 years of working with primarily high-performing business owners, he saw the extent to which stress, inflammation, and a lack of focus on
recovery was ruining any progress they were making. Olly refocuses his Peak Performers on the power of nutrition alongside his team of experts in areas of mental health, nutrition, biochemistry & training with a guiding philosophy that you can only push as hard as you recover. Olly's goal is to help professionals in the pursuit of growth and improvement, to make
sure they don’t leave their bodies and energy behind, and this framework can change the way people fuel and nourish their bodies for good.

Enjoy our conversation and feel free to ask questions or contact us directly here:


Enjoy :-)





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