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41. Episode - Leadership - Conscious living and conscious leadership vs living on automatic

April 20, 2022

Thank you for joining me today.

Conscious leadership and conscious living are my favourite topics and I would love to share a few insights today.

How to live a conscious life

Our beliefs create our reality. You probably heard me talking about this topic in my podcast.

We project our thoughts, beliefs, feelings and attitudes onto the world. We are able to create a different world by changing our beliefs about the world. Our inner state creates the outer. We can believe that our life is a love story, a drama or a horror movie. We can become directors of our show. Decide what type of movie you want to direct.

What are conscious living and conscious leadership?

Living consciously is about taking responsibility, and taking control of your life. It is about thinking about your decisions rather than making them without thought. It is about living at cause and not at effect - live the life we can become director of and not live our life like it just happened to us.

It is about having the life that we want.

We are most of the time living our life subconsciously, which means automatic life. We adopted making decisions the way “WE ALWAYS DID IT THAT WAY”  

If you continue to let your thoughts, beliefs, choices and behaviours and attitudes run on automatic without a critical assessment of their effectiveness and without purpose you will feel diminished and tired.

You will feel depleted even when you are rested.

Conscious living is deliberately responding to life, rather than merely reacting to it as we previously have. It is the understanding that the smallest moments shape your destiny, how you behave around people, how you greet someone, how you look at someone and smile or not, whether you hold a grudge, frustrations, anger, how you support yourself through challenges, how you care for your living space. All of these small moments add up to the sum total of your day, which becomes the sum total of your week, then your month or finally your life.



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