Airborne Entrepreneur‘s Podcast

49. Episode - How to feel empowered and increase confidence - Perception change

September 9, 2022

Welcome all,

Wow what a topic. I love to talk about our perception and how we create our reality. What a topic and what a tool to have to navigate our life, career and emotional rollercoaster as a leader or business owner.  If you understand the fact that we are fabricating our reality on daily basis and also understand that everyone else does it too, then you will start to see the world and situations from new level of perspective and to see and respond to your emotions from higher level of intelligence.

Great daily exercise: when you start to feel any anger, frustrations or negative emotions in your body, ask yourself: "What is my story?" "Is that even true?" 

If you get an answer and see how you created your perception about the situation let it go and create a new thought. Positive one. Thought that serves you and your health.


Alex Terrey



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