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52. Episode - Overwhelm and our thinking

October 20, 2022

Thank you for being here and listening.

This episode is dedicated to my two clients they feel too many times a day overwhelmed.

Overwhelm can be present from various reasons. Usually the reason to feel overwhelm is if it's just too much for us.

What I mean by that?

- we are trying to chew too many things in once,

- we are experience very high workload

- we are too worried about things or

- we are trying to eat the whole elephant in one bite

How we can stop or decrease the feeling of overwhelm?

First of all pause and breathe.

Think about what triggered your feeling of overwhelm. Is it that you have too many things to solve in once? Is it that you don't know what is the next step or you don't know how to do something?

The first step to get out of it is to pause and breathe but what next?


Think about one and most important question. "What is that one thing I can do, right now, smallest step I can do. The step that will move me forward? 

The small step can be one phone call, ask for help, one email or one short walk. Whatever your goal is the small steps ad moving forward is the key to success.


Alex Terrey

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