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53. Episode -Leadership and how to approach and think about disengagement #thinking

October 20, 2022

Thank you for tuning into our new episode.

Today I would like to share the topic of "disengagement" from my perspective and experience as an employee.

We know the trend of disengagement is increasing and we can find thousands of articles and research about millions of people who are not going above and beyond at work and just meeting their job description and it could get worse. This is a problem because most jobs today require some level of extra effort to collaborate with coworkers and meet team and customer needs.

I am talking about new level of leadership moving from "doing, controlling, commanding or tasking" to inspiring, trusting, and influencing positive way. This change and hunger for the great high-performing culture requires shifting in leadership skills focusing on mindset shift, thinking, feeling and behaving in alignment with psychological safety and mental agility.

Create a great culture requires real deep people and social skills. Understanding people is the key to success. How to understand people better? Ask them the right questions, learn active listening to get into their mind and patterns with presence and good intention.


Alex Terrey

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